Support with infection control by Kreishandwerkerschaft

After 4 months of Covid-19-related restrictions in Mozambique, the Mozambican government has now sent first signals of gradual relief in the economic and educational sector.

Vocational training institutions that have been closed since the beginning of March because of the Covid-19 pandemic must prepare carefully for their reopening.

The Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf (KH) supports the vocational college "Instituto Industrial de Maputo" within the framework of the vocational training partnership between these two institutions. KH provided its Corona hygiene concept for this project which was translated and adapted for the Mozambican context to be now applied at the college.

All 160 lecturers and the institute's administrative staff were also trained on hygiene and safety measures in Covid times, in partnership with Doctors With Africa. In addition, the KH provides the institute with 3000 masks, which are distributed to the 1,500 students. In order to support the local economy at the same time, GMPIS was commissioned to produce the masks, a group of women who are concerned with women's empowerment in Mozambique by creating economic independence.

Armando Boane (Instituto Industrial), Pedro Schünemann (Kreishandwerkerschaft)
Hygiene training