New project in Jordan

Contribution to addressing the causes of flight and displacement

In a current project of the Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf in Jordan, supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz), the aim is to combat the causes of flight. The target groups are Syrian refugees and disadvantaged Jordanian population groups. The project aims to improve employment opportunities in the crafts sector for the youth and young adults from these target groups. To this end, Jordanian vocational training providers will be advised, trainers will be trained and young people and young adults will be given direct qualifications through initial and further training measures. Cooperation with German craft organisations is a central element of the project. A special task here is the conception of a national image campaign for the skilled crafts sector in Jordan. Here, it was deliberately not an advertising agency but the Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf (KH) with its way of modern public relations work was asked.

"One international project has grown out of the other. The Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf has proven to be a reliable and competent partner, and this will certainly result in new interesting opportunities in the future," CEO Frank Tischner describes the activities, which are located far outside the Münsterland region. "We have significantly broadened our view of vocational training without losing sight of the important focal points of our regional identity as an economic and employers' association for the local skilled trades". Frank Tischner and Jan-Niclas Gesenhues, head of the international department, are sure that guild members, employees and network partners will benefit from such approaches: "Our international commitment can ultimately put the importance of the craft trades and the Kreishandwerkerschaft for vocational training in a different, more global light and increase the appreciation of the skilled craft sector as the 'economic power from next door'. We present trades as modern and innovative, maintain high-ranking political contacts that are also useful to us in other ways, and create rewarding new tasks for the employees in the KH.