Crafts know-how helps economy and education in Mozambique

Vocational training partner of KH visits the construction company Arning

As part of the vocational training partnership with the Instituto Industrial de Maputo (IIM) in Mozambique and the Association for Renewable Energies (AMER), which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the General Manager of the Kreishandwerkerschaft (KH), Frank Tischner, and Aika Drescher, Head of the International Education Department, invited the CEO of Belutécnica Jacinto Mutemba to an exchange on the topic of renewable energies with various local companies. The Mozambican company, which employs around 300 people in business areas such as industrial maintenance, pipeline construction and the construction of refractory furnaces, would now like to expand its activities to include wind power plants.

Therefore, in addition to visiting the initiative of the Steinfurt district "energieland 2050", the visit programme also included an intensive exchange with the construction company Arning GmbH in Steinfurt and the managing partner of the company Marc Willem Arnings, as the company has been a specialist in the construction of stable foundations for wind turbines for many years. More than 800 foundations have already been constructed nationally and internationally for various system manufacturers.

"This exchange of information is of great importance for the economy in Mozambique but also for our vocational training partnership," Tischner thanked Marc Willem Arning for the detailed discussion.

"We want to support our partners in Africa in opening up employment prospects for disadvantaged groups of the population through high-quality, practice-oriented vocational training, thereby reducing their risk of poverty and improving the competitiveness of companies. The exchange of experience between entrepreneurs from Mozambique and Germany is an important building block in this."

Marc-Willem Arning, Frank Tischner (Kreishandwerkerschaft), Jacinto Mutemba (Belutécnica, Maputo), Aika Drescher, Pedro da Silva Schünemann, Sarah Forster (all KH Service- und Wirtschaftsgesellschaft)
Visiting the "energieland 2050" association