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The Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf

The German Dual Education System has become global recognition. The combination of practical training in a workplace in addition to the theoretical complement of a vocational school is THE success factor of this system. The lowest unemployment rate of 16- to 24-year-old people in Germany in European comparison confirms this statement.

The Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf is an important component of this success because of its education infrastructure. Even tough it is almost impossible to export this model directly to other countries, there is a way for you and your company to benefit from this unique system. By keying practical and theoretical training, we can address the individual needs of your company and your employees.

We offer you an individual training in our Kreishandwerkerschaft, based on the German dual education system. You will get the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge and experience. The Kreishandwerkerschaft works with several international partners and in different projects through its KH Service- und Wirtschaftsgesellschaft mbH (short: KH S+W), a limited company founded in 2007 and fully-owned by the Kreishandwerkerschaft. WE KNOW THE SYSTEM!

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