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Train the Trainer

Skilled workers who deal with apprentices every day have a great responsibility for the transfer of knowledge and therefore play a major role in the education system. “Train the Trainer” teaches the needed pedagogical competences that are necessary for the everyday work with learners. The workshop is designed for skilled workers, who are working together with apprentices and want to transfer their theoretical and practical know-how to them. It is a general workshop for all kind of trades. Depending on the home country of the participants, the contents may vary slightly.

Framework of the qualification „Train the Trainers“

Check the training requirements and plan the training

-        Present and justify the advantages and the need of work-based  apprenticeship training

-        Take part in the planning and implementation of work-based apprenticeship

-        Check the suitability of the company for the apprenticeship in the intended job
          that requires training

Prepare the training and participate in the recruitment of apprentices

-        On basis of the framework of apprenticeship training in the specific branch, develop a
          work-based training plan, orientating specifically on typical work and business processes

-        Operate with different criteria and methods to select apprentices, while
          respecting diverseness

-        Prepare the apprenticeship contract and initiate the registration at the responsible
          administration department (if existing)

Realise apprenticeship training

-        Create supportive learning surroundings and a motivated study culture, give and
          receive feedback

-        Organize, shape and evaluate probation period (if existing)

-        Develop and create company based assignments out of typical work processes and
          the practical framework of the training

-        Select training methods and media for specific target groups and use them
          in specific situations

-        Support apprentices with difficulties in learning through individual development of the
          training and counseling

-        Support the social and personal development of apprentices, realise problems and
          conflicts in time and help with finding a solution

-        Find out skills and evaluate them, analyse evaluations of third parties and exams, manage
          appraisal interviews, draw conclusions for the ongoing training  

Finish the apprenticeship properly

-        Participate in developing a written certificate on the basis of performance measurement    

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