About the Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf

The Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf covers two districts with an area of 3.110 qkm, 721.000 residents, 19 towns and 18 communities. 27 guilds withapprox. 2300 member companies (voluntary membership) belong to our district.
In total we offer 2 education centers in the district of Steinfurt and Warendorf with fully equipped workshops in the fields of construction, CNC, electric, hairdresser, car mechanics, painter, metal, welding, plumbing, joiner, carpenter, motorbike and bicycle mechanic.

We are "the" service provider in the crafts sector for our voluntary member companies and guilds in our region. The voluntary membership of 2,300 companies is the basis of our work and the foundation of our cooperation. Of course our core business is the education and training in the crafts sector, but also the field of industrial technical education.

Furthermore we are a service provider and offer a wide range of consumer demand services and counseling. Our intention is to ensure a high-quality education and training for the crafts sector and to strengthen the dual system of vocational education and training and also the qualification of the master craftsman. With our qualified staff and modern, well-equipped workshops we provide the best conditions for vocational training.

With our professional workshops and additional actions in the field of education (vocational guidance, vocational preparation, etc.) we want to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the region.


The main tasks of the Kreishandwerkerschaft include:

  • Promotion and representation of commercial and social interests of the guild members 
    (= voluntary membership) > Guild = association of companies from the same trade
  • Control and monitoring of apprenticeship training; carrying out exams 
    (= important component of the dual system in VET)
  • Support of the skills of master craftsmen 
    (= further vocational training and career development)
  • Support of young people in vocational orientation, vocational preparation and training support 
    (= educational institution)